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Studio Lambert and Talpa have struck a deal which will see Studio Lambert produce the U.S. and U.K. editions of Talpa’s latest adventure reality show, Million Dollar Island.

The original Dutch version of the new format has just completed shooting in the Philippines and will air in the Netherlands in March.

In Million Dollar Island, one hundred people are dropped on an uninhabited tropical island, where they need so survive for two months. Upon arrival, each contestant is given a numbered bracelet worth $10,000 so the 100 bracelets together are worth $1 million.

The contestants gain and lose bracelets by playing duels and challenges – and by receiving them from those who quit. Contestants can quit at any time. When they do, they must give their bracelet, or bracelets – and therefore the value – to one of the remaining contestants.

Friendship and competitive skills will determine who ends up with the most bracelets and the chance to win most of the prize money.

John de Mol, Founder and Chairman of Talpa, commented: "Million Dollar Island is a fascinating game of alliances, close friendships, secret pacts and other social strategies...

"We were confident the format would work, but the intrigue, emotion and drama of the first episodes exceeded our expectations. We believe audiences in many territories will be compelled by the stories the format generates and we know Stephen and his colleagues will do a brilliant job of making the show for both the American and British audiences."

Stephen Lambert, Founder and CEO of Studio Lambert, said: "John has created several of the world’s biggest and most successful formats, from Big Brother to The Voice, and we’re hugely excited about the prospect of making the first English language versions of what we believe will be his next global hit."


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