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Following a record-breaking run last Autumn, Married at First Sight UK is heading back down the aisle for a brand new, bigger and bolder series.

The new series - which will comprise of 30 episodes - will once again follow a fresh batch of singles, whose search for love and a happy-ever-after will lead them to saying “I do” to a complete stranger, whom they’ll meet for the first time on their wedding day.

The couples will make a lifelong commitment to one another at a glamorous ceremony, overseen by a wedding celebrant, that includes guests, bridal gowns, dancing, speeches and cake.

After the ceremony and celebrations are over, true love is well and truly put to the test, as they embark on a luxurious honeymoon, before moving in with each other AND their fellow couples.

Across the process, the couples will be matched and guided by returning experts Melanie Schilling, Paul C. Brunson and Charlene Douglas.


Adrian, 37

Digital Designer, Manchester

Adrian is a confident and caring northerner with a heart of gold. He’s a creative person who loves expressing himself through fashion and takes time on his appearance. He loves socialising on a night out, hosting dinner parties and movie nights at home.

George, 40

Financial Advisor, Worcester

Dad-of-four George is generous, loyal and dedicated to his kids. After divorcing from his wife, George has struggled to find that special someone who he can share his life with. He loves his life in the countryside and lives with his two eldest children, whilst his two younger daughters live with their mother.

Jordan, 29

Account Manager, Darlington

Jordan is a fun, outgoing guy with a massive sense of adventure. He’s a spontaneous guy who owns his own home, has a great job, is close to his family and does all his own cooking – by his own admission “I’m a great catch!” Jordan’s open about his emotions and feelings. However when it comes to relationships, he is not willing to settle with someone and cruise through life for the sake of being comfortable.

Kwame, 42

Business Consultant, London

Kwame is a confident and sophisticated business owner who exudes charm and style. He says he’s done it all: he’s travelled extensively, established himself in a successful career, got married, had kids and got divorced. He’s a self-professed ladies man who can talk the talk and although he admits he’s a bit cocky, he also says he’s a nice guy and not arrogant.

Pjay, 31

Dancer/ Performer, Birmingham

Birmingham boy Pjay wants to find love with someone with whom he can create a peaceful and loving environment. Pjay is part of the world famous, Dreamboys. He’s never been short of attention, yet he can’t seem to find the right person that he wants to settle down with and his job has been a barrier to finding the right woman.

Richie, 51

Sales Advisor, Sheffield

Richie worked in the music industry for 23 years, and was constantly on the road, meeting new people, which he credits with keeping him young. He’s written a song, which appeared on a Russell Watson album, and boasts that he’d be able to get him to perform at his wedding. Richie has also done session work with Sheryl Crow (… but didn’t manage to get her number).

Thomas, 31

Mental Health Care Assistant, Liverpool

Thomas is bursting with energy, sarcasm, and bawdy humour and, for as long as he can remember, he’s always loved being the centre of attention. He’s extremely sociable, unapologetically loud, and not one to back down in an argument.

Duka, 31

Recruitment HR Coordinator, Birmingham

Duka has lived in the UK since he was 10 years old, when his family fled the former Yugoslavia to escape conflict. He arrived not speaking a word of English and was bullied because of it. His struggles growing up had a definitive role in shaping the man he’s become; he finds it difficult to let people in and puts up his guard when people start to get close emotionally.


April, 32

Dress Designer, London

April is a dress designer and successful wedding dress designer and former Miss Great Britain. However, she’s not so good at finding the right guy; in fact April’s friends joke about her being ‘always the bridal designer, never the bride’. For April this joke is wearing a bit thin. Determined to change this label, she’s ready to take the plunge and put her love life in the hands of the relationship experts.

Chanita, 29

Social Worker, Derby

Chanita is a caring, loyal and protective social worker from Derby. After leaving school, she decided she wanted to spend her life helping young people and has dedicated her life to being a social worker. She makes friends wherever she goes and is always checking in on them to make sure they’re all okay – lots of people think of her as their best friend.

Jess, 31

Dental Hygienist, Cambridgeshire

Jess describes herself as unique, weird, but extremely fun and outgoing. For Jess, the key ingredient to life is laughter and enjoying herself. She is not afraid to do something that will make her look silly; she will happily get up on a table and start dancing and believes she needs her future partner to match the same energy as her. Equally, Jess says if she has the hump with someone, then they will know about it. Her face often says it all!

Jenna, 32

Zero Waste Shop Owner, Blackpool

Small business-owner Jenna never envisaged herself getting married. She hated the traditional concept of marriage, as it did not sit right with her that traditionally the woman would take the man’s name. She wants to find love, commit to someone and build a long life together.

Lara, 49

Waitress, Nottingham

Canadian ex dancer Lara has lived an extraordinary life. She’s been married and divorced twice and has led a luxury lifestyle. She once flew from Japan to New York for dinner and was used to spending vast sums on clothes. Her life is very different today though.

Kasia, 36

Businesswoman, London

Kasia left school at 16 to have her first child and says she felt that the odds were stacked against her. However, through sheer graft and determination, Kasia has not only managed to raise two children and have a successful career, but she’s also launched her own business, a successful body contouring clinic.

Zoe, 30

Quantity Surveyor, West Midlands

Zoe is an outgoing, ambitious and successful professional. She works hard and plays even harder. She describes herself as dominant and assertive but is looking for a genuine connection, someone she can share her softer, more intimate side with. Having recently turned 30, Zoe no longer wants to be known as a serial dater.

Whitney, 31

PA, St Albans

Fun, confident and sexy, Whitney isn’t short of male attention, but in order for her to settle down and commit, a man has got to tick all of her boxes. This has never happened. After losing her mother, Whitney has had a tough couple of years. Her mum was her best friend, and though she had a strict upbringing, she’s proud it made her the strong and independent woman she now is.

Married At First Sight UK is coming soon to E4. Previous series are available on All4.


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