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In this brand new three-part documentary series for ITV, Joanna Lumley will be heading off the beaten track to explore and capture the secret delights that Rome, Paris and Berlin have to offer.

We all know the iconic buildings of some of the greatest cities in the world, the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum or the Brandenburg Gate. But what’s it like to be a Parisian, Roman or to live in Berlin?

Joanna, Britain’s favourite travel companion, is determined to find out and will set her gaze on Europe’s greatest cities to explore their lesser known gems. From the quirky to the downright eccentric, Joanna’s ambition is to get under the skin of these great capitals.

From going behind the scenes at the Moulin Rouge to touring Berlin on the back of a motorbike with an all-girl Biker group, Joanna will immerse herself with the rich and powerful, the alternative and bizarre as well as the less fortunate.

Despite being a passionate traveller, Joanna has spent most of her life living in London and loves cities and their multi-cultural diversity. Bringing her trademark curiosity and genuine sense of wonder, Joanna will capture a side of these cities that she’s never encountered before, whilst also showing them in all their epic glory.

“I’m drawn to cities crammed with human life, trailing clouds of history and experience, harbouring secrets and flashing their achievements. Cities are magnets to every kind of person, including me - I’m going to lift the curtain on some of their strange and surprising secrets - join me and be amazed.” Joanna Lumley.


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