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New documents, reportedly seen by The Sun, have shown that ITV bosses have approved plans which will see Love Island return to its Mallorca villa for the seventh series, set to air on ITV2 this June.

A source told The Sun: "All precautions have been taken to make sure it goes smoothly. Besides the extra cast, they’ve incorporated Covid safety measures and increased checks on contestants’ mental health. Everyone is very excited. Restrictions are easing, the Euros football is on and Love Island is back in Majorca. What more could you want?"

Contestants have reportedly been told: "Before arriving in Majorca we ask all applicants at this stage of the casting process to undergo a psychological and physical assessment, a sexual health screening and an unannounced drugs test. Once you arrive you will have a brief discussion about your physical health with our on-site medical team."

An ITV spokesperson told The Sun: "We are not currently in a position to confirm locations for the forthcoming series."

[Source: The Sun]


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