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It’s the first challenge of the series and today it’s boys versus girls as the Islanders are about to get to know one another a little better. Arriving at a Love Island-inspired airport security area, one by one the Islanders will approach the conveyor belt as they read out a saucy secret.

It’s up to the girls and boys to determine which of their fellow Islanders this secret is about and then do their very own cheeky airport security check before sharing a smooch with them. Afterwards it’s revealed whether they answered correctly or not.

The game sees Luca and Tasha lock lips for the first time. Speaking in the Beach Hut about the kiss with Tasha, Luca says: “The snog with Tash, it’s up there! I wasn’t moaning but it would have been nice if we were on our own and not with everyone around us.”

But which boy spent £1,000 on a first date? Which girl changed her number the day after breaking up with her ex? And most importantly, who will reign supreme in today’s challenge - the boys or the girls?


Following today’s challenge, Indiyah speaks with Tasha about how she is feeling. Indiyah says: “I feel like it’s such early days. I spoke to Dami yesterday but I’m coupled up with Ikenna. Dami is good-looking and he is a nice guy.”

After locking lips with Dami in the challenge, Indiyah adds: “I didn’t get any sparks or anything from the kiss because it was a challenge. If it was a romantic setting then I would be able to judge it more.”

Indiyah says: “If he wanted to go for it, I would speak to him. He’s got a good vibe and good energy. I do feel like we have better banter in comparison to me and Ikenna.”

Will Indiyah continue getting to know Ikenna or turn her attention to Dami?


As the day draws to a close in the Villa, Davide receives a text asking all Islanders to gather at the fire pit for his decision.

Standing before his fellow Islanders at the fire pit, Davide says: “Naturally, it’s not been easy to choose because it’s only been 24 hours. It’s difficult to try and know everyone and try to make the right decision.”

But which girl will Davide decide to couple-up with? And which boy will be left single and vulnerable?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.


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