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Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston return for the sixth instalment of Line of Duty with Shalom Brune-Franklin, a new addition to the AC-12 team. Kelly Macdonald makes her debut as guest lead Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Davidson, the senior investigating officer on an unsolved murder case whose suspicious conduct attracts the attention of Anti-Corruption.

Written and created by Jed Mercurio and made by World Productions for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, Line of Duty returns at 9pm on Sunday 21 March.

Below is an interview with Shalom Brune-Franklin (DC Chloe Bishop)...

Can you tell us about DC Chloe Bishop?

Chloe is the newest member of AC-12. Like anyone starting a new job, she’s so eager to prove to her bosses that she was the right choice. She’s incredibly hardworking and we can see she’s really trying to impress. She’s on a journey to capture bent coppers!

Tell us about the casting process?

I remember receiving an email that said ‘LOD6’ and I thought oh it’s an audition for a show called ‘Lod’. It didn’t click in my head that it was Line of Duty. I opened the email and I saw the words ‘Anti-Corruption Unit 12’ and I shrieked. I freaked out. I was so nervous but there were so many lines to learn that in a way, it took away my nerves. It was mad. I was such a fan of the show and it was such a surreal experience to get to walk onto the set of something you are already such a huge fan of. I was over the moon to get the job! Line of Duty has so many people in it creatively that I look up to and admire. To be a part of that is quite unbelievable.

What was it like on the set for the first time?

I remember walking onto set and seeing the glass box [interview room] and there was part of me that wanted to fan girl and scream. The other half was thinking that I had been hired to do a job, you need to calm down and do justice to the scene. I was quite surprised at how quickly I felt I was part of it but I still do feel like a fan girl.

Did you watch previous series again in preparation?

I did! I actually hadn’t watched series five so it was good to re-watch the others and then see Stephen Graham. It was so good - THAT scene. We all know which scene I am talking about.

How did you get on with interview room scenes?

It was so nice to have everyone be so reassuring. Martin Compston especially was so good and reassured me that although it looked like a mountain, it will get done! I have never experienced having to retain that much information ever. It’s incredible that people do this for a job, it’s fascinating. The scenes are half an hour long which is pretty rare! I surprised myself in staying so focused and my eyes didn’t go too fuzzy. I really enjoyed it!

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