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The Casa Amor recoupling left Scott single as Catherine entered the Villa with Elom.

In the hope of explaining her actions. Catherine pulls Scott for a chat as they reflect on the results of the recoupling.

Catherine tells Scott: “First of all, I want to say I didn't appreciate the way you tried to spin that. You haven't even heard me…you don’t know what I’ve based my decisions off…at the end of the day, I met Elom and Elom is great. It’s given me more time to figure this out.”

Scott is quick to tell Catherine where his head is at as he replies: “Catherine, there is no time…out of the girls that came in you were my number one…”

Catherine asks Scott: “Do you think for a second you weren’t my number one?”

It seems the two may have to agree to disagree as Scott goes onto mention previously confronting the other Islanders for doubting his feelings for Catherine

Scott says: “Well, clearly not…four days ago I sat everyone round the fire pit.”

Catherine quips back: “It wasn't for me Scott, it was for you.”

Scott assures her: “It was for you…big things are how I show my affection.”

Catherine: “You didn’t do that for me!”

As the conversation continues, Catherine calls on Whitney to help mediate the situation.

Whitney heads over and gently whispers to Catherine as she says: “Cat, compose your emotions, calm down.”

Will Scott be willing to hear Catherine out or will her Casa actions have a lasting effect on the two?


Having cooled down after the tense recoupling, Ella and Tyrique catch up in a bid to gain some clarity on the Casa Amor experience.

As they chat, Ella tells Tyrique: “I’m sorry, I know that would have been mad shocking for you. I never in a million years thought I’d be open to getting to know someone.”

Tyrique says: “But you did.”

Ella explains: “Yeah, but here me out. Ouzy, I already know from the outside, he’s someone that right before I came in here it was about to be something but then I came here...I’ve not been open from when I got here, it’s just been you. You've been my whole time here and I’ve loved that.”

Tyrique is keen to share his Casa experience with Ella as he says: “Do you want to hear about my Casa experience? I didn’t do a single thing…the fact that you knew Ouzy before makes it even worse for me to be honest…there’s clearly something there…”

Opening up about his feelings for Ella, Tyrique adds: “We decided to close things off, and now you’ve done this.”

As the conversation continues he adds: “I stood there on my own because my feelings for you are genuine. I’ve never in my entire life had feelings for someone the way I do for you and you’ve just thrown it all away by bringing Ouzy back.”


Casa Amor has left Jess, Kady, Scott and Tyrique all single.

As the Islanders relax on the day beds, Kady receives a text, it reads: “Jess, Kady, Scott and Tyrique, as you are all single it’s time to head out of the villa for cocktails together #SinglesNight #GetYourMojitoBack

Getting ready in the bedroom with Scott, Tyrique cheekily says: “Obviously Ella’s made me single, might as well go and get to know Kady init. Time to bounce back.”

Entering a secret Spanish garden, sipping their mojitos, Tyrique makes a toast: “Cheers to being single and not caring. Still cracking on…”

How will singles night unfold for the four Islanders?


As the evening gets underway in the Villa, Leah wants to know exactly what Montel got up to in Casa Amor with Montel assuring her that the other boys influenced his actions.

Wanting answers, Leah says: “In that moment, all you had to do was say I kissed her…not mentioning the boys. That’s all you had to do. I would have been like, ‘cool, thanks for telling me’ and moved on…no two people physically push your heads together…you can’t blame it on everyone else.”

Montel attempts to assure Leah as he says: “It was a massive mistake from me. Over the last 24 hours I’ve learnt a lot…the happiest moment was me seeing you walk back by yourself.”

Will Montel be able to take ownership of his Casa Amor actions and will Leah be able to forgive and forget?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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