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Scott and Abi have been getting to know each other recently but Scott hasn’t hid the fact he thinks things could be moving too quickly.

Abi raises her concerns about her connection with Scott to Whitney and Molly. Whitney says: “I heard he was going to close it off.”

Later Abi and Scott speak at the fire pit. Abi says: “I feel very rejected.”

Reassuring Abi, Scott says: “If I did want to end it then I would pull you and do it.”

Abi says: “I can’t make a connection with someone who doesn’t want to give me a kiss or a cuddle. It physically won’t work.”

Abi later says: “I’m just wary - I don’t want to get mugged off again.”

Scott says: “If this doesn’t work now, you won’t have been mugged off because we’re trying.”

Abi says: “I just want honesty.”

Will the pair grow closer or call time on their relationship?


Ella receives a text which reads: “Islanders. It’s time to take centre stage and show off your skills as tonight you’ll perform at the Love Island Talent Show! #GetYourTalentOut #ShowtimeToSlay

But as the Islanders prepare to show off their talents, who will steal the show tonight?

Up first is Molly who demonstrates her hula hoop skills. Speaking about Molly’s performance, Zach said: “My girl Molly, she set the bar high.”

Lochan is next as he showcases his frisbee talents. “Today I’m going to be chucking a frisbee at a target. Ten years ago I played frisbee for Great Britain so hopefully I can hit some of them.”

It’s now time for Whitney and Tyrique as they perform a rap together for their fellow Islanders. Speaking about their performance, Ella says: “That was the first mention I got in a rap so I love that.”

Next up is Sammy who is determined to show he is a man of many talents as he performs a headstand, juggles and walks on his hands.

Zach is next as he shows off his basketball skills and it appears his talent has caught the eye of Molly. Speaking about Zach, Molly says: “Zach and his basketball skills. I mean wow - he looked hot! I was very impressed.”

It’s Ella B’s turn to showcase her dance and gymnastics talent. Speaking about her performance, Mitch says: “That girl can move!”

Next up is Abi who has decided to channel her inner clown and make her fellow Islanders balloon animals. Abi says: “I’ve been feeling like a clown most days so I’m just going to embrace it now.”

Soon it’s Ella and Jess’ turn as they deliver a dance performance together before they give their partners Tyrique and Sammy a lapdance.

Mitch is next as he performs a roast of his fellow Islanders. Will any of his comments raise eyebrows?

Finally, Scott gets up and sings his heart out. Can he hit the high notes or will his performance fall flat?

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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