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After Tanya declared her love for Shaq last night, they are sitting together as she says: “I’m so sorry it took someone else coming in for me to fully realise that I can’t lose you.” Meanwhile Martin catches up with Olivia and Maxwell to discuss how he’s feeling in light of Tanya’s admission, Martin says: “I look like an idiot in front of everyone.”

As Martin heads over to Tanya and Shaq he says: “Tanya, can we have a chat? Shaq, you know I have no problems with you, it’s all good.” Tanya and Martin head to the fire pit as he says: “When I was speaking to you, you never told me you were a liar. You’re not sincere, you made me look like I was dumb, you’re a liar.”

Tanya asks: “Is that what you had to get off your chest?” But is that the end of the conversation or is there more to be said between the pair?


Competition is about to set in amongst the Villa’s couples as they receive a text inviting them to play a game, Knowing Me, Knowing You.

Olivia reads out the text which says: “Islanders, it's time to find out how well you really know your other half in today’s couples challenge, “Knowing Me, Knowing You!’ #KnowItOrBlowIt #ProofIsInThePudding

As the only Islander not in a couple, Shaq plays the role of host while the other Islanders quickly catch up with their partners for some pre-challenge relationship revision.

The couples recap on their partners’ birthdays, star signs, number of sexual partners and more, but who will come out on top and how will Martin and Tanya fare as they have to work together in the challenge?

Shaq’s questions include whether they know their partner’s middle name and their biggest turn ons.The girls are also asked to name their partner's favourite sex position.

Joking about Martin and Tanya trying to match answers, Shaq laughingly says: “If you know this….” Meanwhile, which couple wins a point having both picked ‘speed bump’ as their boy’s favourite sex position?

Plus, Shaq asks the girls: “Which Islander does your partner think is least genuine in the Villa?” Two boys' names get mentioned the most, which boys do the girls think is least genuine and do their partners agree?

Elsewhere, Kai justifies his choice when he picks Claudia as the “least trustworthy”. And Jessie notices only one boy backs her and Will as the most compatible couple. The girls are also asked: “Which Islander of the opposite sex would your boy couple up with if he wasn’t with you?”

Claudia guesses Casey would pick Samie, but Casey’s answer doesn’t match leaving Claudia confused by his feelings…

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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