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Later that evening the Islanders receive a text with news for one lucky couple, the message reads: “Islanders, the Hideaway Retreat is open tonight. Please choose a lucky couple to spend the night together #AloneTime #Baecation.”

As Tanya suggests Kai and Sanam she asks her fellow Islanders if they are all in favour to which they all raise their hands in a unanimous decision. Kai has a surprise in store for Sanam as he dresses up in an unusual outfit.

Upon entering the Hideaway Kai and Sanam waste no time in exploring all it has to offer. Sharing a kiss whilst sitting by the pool, Sanam then decides to head inside so she can dress up before performing a sexy dance for him.

Shortly after, Kai is keen to see what else the Hideaway has in store for them as he reaches for the chocolate body paint, Sanam tells him: “I love that, you can definitely lick that off me.”

The body chocolate seems to go down a treat but how will the rest of the evening unfold for the couple?


It’s a new day in the Villa and not before long the Islanders receive a text, it reads: “Islanders, It’s time to find out how the public rate you as couples. If you guess enough opinions correctly, you will win a party tonight! #CouplePolls #TopRankers.”

Samie says: “I’m sweating.” Shaq comments: “This is going to end in tears.” The challenge is called ‘A Couple of Sorts’ and is hosted by Kai and Sanam. The public have been voting in various categories and the Islanders are about to find out the results. What will they make of them?

The first category is the top three hottest couples in the Villa as the Islanders have to rank their decisions in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. If the answers match the results of the public they will receive a point and are a step close to winning a party later that evening.

The category goes from looks to books as the Islanders are then asked to rank the top three most intelligent couples.

When asked to rank the top three most horniest couples the Islanders deliberate as Will says: “Your duvet does some madness.” Who is he referring to and have they been getting hot under the covers?

As the game continues the Islanders agree to disagree whilst taking on some trickier categories.

They are asked to rank the three couples they think are the most one-sided and the most likely to have their heads turned. Who will be chosen and how will they react when the results of the public vote are revealed?

When asked to pick the top three most game playing couples Ron jokes: “I don’t think anyone’s going to volunteer for this one.” When Will suggests Tanya and Shaq, Tanya says: “I’m not going up there, I’m sorry guys.”

Having had to make some awkward decisions in today's challenge, some couples catch up as they aren’t happy with the choices made by their fellow Islanders.


Reflecting on today's challenge, Jessie and Will catch up in the kitchen as she doesn’t agree with some of the decisions made in today’s challenge. As Will comforts her he says: “Let me give you a hug.”

Jessie says: “I just need a minute.” The conversation continues as Will asks Jessie: “What’s up, tell me?” Jessie replies: “I feel like everything has built up, it feels like you definitely think that I’m the one sided one here.”

Jessie adds: “Even you being like yeah, you definitely don’t like me as much.” Will says: “What I’m saying is from what other people have said to me, this isn’t how I feel.” Jessie responds: “I know you don’t feel that.”

Shortly after Jessie and Will head over to some of the other Islanders as Samie asks: “Were there any that you were shocked about?” Will says: “I think a lot of people were cop outs.”

Jessie adds: “For me, it was the people who point the finger at me all the time and then they were up there themselves.” Rosie asks: “Who is that? Who are you indirecting?” Jessie responds: “Well who was up there?”

Who is Jessie referring to? It seems Ron is also unsure about one of the boy's comments as he says: “I thought it was sore. I'm not going to lie, it was almost so rogue I don’t think anyone could possibly think that, I’ll speak to him about it this evening.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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