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The unique dating format which seeks to find out whether real people can also find love if they act out a sex scene inspired by a Hollywood film on a first date, has seemingly been shelved by Channel 4.

Of the two episodes commissioned, only one episode made it to air on Channel 4. The second episode was pulled from schedules days before broadcast without explanation, and was not uploaded to All4.

Comedian Ellie Taylor presents, as singletons who are looking for love try to recreate the sexual chemistry of the most iconic sex scenes from the movies, coached by filmmaking's best - intimacy co-ordinator Rufai 'Roo' Ajala and acting coach Emma Crompton.

One single guy or girl performs three sexy scenes with three complete strangers. Inspired by blockbusters such as Ghost, The Notebook and Fifty Shades of Grey, these non-actors get the chance to live out their movie-star fantasies.

When the steamy scenes wrap, the singleton must choose one co-star to go on a date with, to discover whether their on-screen chemistry will turn into real-life love. In this episode, beauty therapist Starr is the leading lady as she stars in scenes inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, Ghost and The Notebook.

After living out her film-star fantasies with cage fighter Alex, chef Ashley, and finance worker Nick, Starr watches her sex scenes back on the big screen before choosing one guy to date in real life. Will the on-screen chemistry turn into real-life love?


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