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Comedians Nish Kumar and Josh Widdecombe have written various articles for this week's edition of West Sussex Gazette as part of a pilot for a programme being made by CPL - the same company who make A League Of Their Own for Sky.

The show will reportedly look at the role of local newspapers in an era which has seen them decline in both print and sales.

The editor of West Sussex Gazette, Oli Poole, said: "We are hugely excited to be involved in this project, which we hope will be a real celebration of both local journalism and the beautiful county of West Sussex."

Director and editor-in-chief Gary Shipton added: "Trusted local news has never been more important. We believe this will really raise the profile of both local newspapers and the power of 'local' in a post-pandemic world and we are hugely grateful to Josh, Nish and CPL for asking us to be involved. We will let our readers know more as the story develops."

More information will be revealed in due course. Via British Comedy Guide.

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