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Romesh Ranganathan has reportedly revealed that Judge Romesh, the UKTV Dave series which was recently added to BBC iPlayer, will not be returning for third run.

The series saw Romesh holding court over real life disputes, casting his trademark acerbic wit over each and supported by a cast of top comedians. Each week Romesh presided over genuine disagreements and mete out comic judgement in his own inimitable style.

Judge Romesh brings all the drama of a court room with a triple-dose of funny. Romesh previously said: "Whenever I have watched shows like Judge Judy or Judge Rinder, I have always thought these people would be better served by someone with fewer legal qualifications and less interest. It is for that reason that I am delighted to make that dream a reality."

Judge Romesh is available now on UKTV Play and BBC iPlayer.

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