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BBC Three announce new one-off documentary with Joey Essex.

At the age of 10, Joey's world was ripped apart when his mum tragically took her own life.

With no way of coming to terms with what had happened, Joey never processed this devastating childhood event. Instead, like so many kids affected by sudden trauma, he learnt to hide his true feelings behind a series of 'masks' - the joker, the charmer, and as he got older, the reality TV heart throb.

With the help of a clinical psychologist, Dr Stephen Blumenthal, Joey sets out to finally face the impact his beloved mother’s death has had on him. Up until now he’s only really opened up about his childhood with his family, but even his sister Frankie and cousin Chloe recognise that he’s never truly processed his grief. Opening up to a psychologist and learning to trust Stephen will be a tough first step.

Joey says: “This documentary is really close to my heart. Going on this journey to find the real me will be a personal challenge, but I hope it also highlights how important it is that other people who have experienced trauma know they’re not alone. I am looking forward to showing people who I really am.”

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