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Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty kick start the New Year celebrations with a special edition of Friday Night Feast.

And, as we all need a treat at the end of this year, they're joined by not one but two celebrity guests to get the party going. Singer-songwriter Sam Smith and PE-teacher-to-the-nation Joe Wicks help Jamie and Jimmy to prepare a range of delicious dishes, perfect to get us in the mood for the New Year.

Jamie kicks things off with a mouth-watering, Italian-inspired pork and crispy double crackling, laid on a bed of beautiful veg and creamy beans, topped with a tangy herb salsa. If roast pork could turn over a new leaf for its New Year resolution, this would be it. Jamie takes Sam Smith to Mexico via Scotland, as he tracks down Sam's favourite food memory from the Isle of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides.

Together, they make delicious haggis tacos complete with home-made corn tortillas, red onion pickle, salsa and avocado - the ideal treat for Hogmanay. And if we can't go to the pub then Jimmy brings the pub to us, mixing up a sparkling mojito bubbling with champagne and his own version of the pub classic, scampi and chips.

Also taking his turn to work up a sweat in the kitchen is Joe Wicks, who despite his Italian heritage, has never made his own fresh pasta. He teams up with Jamie for the ultimate pasta masterclass, and they feast on ricotta and prosciutto ravioli dressed in lemon butter.

Jamie & Jimmy's Festive Feast airs Tuesday 29th December at 9pm on Channel 4.


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