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After a lifetime of travels that have taken her across the globe, Joanna Lumley makes her most personal journey yet.

Over three episodes, she’ll travel from the Yorkshire Dales to the Giant’s Causeway, from the Highlands of Scotland to the cobbles of Coronation Street, retracing old steps, meeting inspiring people, and exploring the wonders of the country she calls home.

Joanna was born in India and spent much of her childhood overseas. She often felt like an outsider in her native land. Now she’s using her traveller’s eye to explore the four corners of the United Kingdom.

Highlights of the series include Joanna meeting one of the oldest survivors of the Windrush generation, hitting the road with a Travelling Showman whose family have run funfairs across Britain for over a century, and discovering what it takes to become the world’s number one B&B.

A former Bond girl, Joanna will also visit Aston Martin to take a replica Goldfinger DB5 for a spin. On Dartmoor, she meets a grove of Devon Druids as they perform a pagan ceremony, drives a herd of Highland Cattle across a causeway in the Outer Hebrides and drops in on the Duke of Argyll.

Joanna will also travel to Derry to learn about the power of reconciliation from one of the survivors of the Troubles. Joanna will end her adventure in London, dancing the night away at one of Britain’s most historic gay pubs, celebrating the talent and tenacity of her beloved home town.


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