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ITV has commissioned a new current affairs documentary exploring the closure of England’s only dedicated NHS service for trans children.

The Clinic tells the story of the rise and fall of the Tavistock Centre’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), the NHS service that for more than three decades has been alone in providing treatment for young people with gender identity issues in England.

Demand for its services exploded in the decade to 2020. But after Dr Hilary Cass, who was commissioned to report on the service, was highly critical of its research into the use of puberty blockers and the clinic’s waiting times, the service was ordered to close, leaving thousands of children in medical limbo. Produced by Rogan Productions Scotland and commissioned by Tom Giles, Controller of Current Affairs for ITV, the documentary hears from patients and parents, clinicians and campaigners who have been involved with the unit, along with former Health Secretary Sajid Javid to provide a vivid insight into what led to its closure amid a continuing and highly-charged debate around trans issues and gender identity within public and cultural life in the UK.

Executive Producer Mark Hedgecoe, of Rogan Productions, says:

"The Tavistock GIDS clinic has been such an important story not just for anyone interested in trans issues, but the wider discussion over recent years around gender. It has been utterly fascinating to be able to talk to many of those involved, on all sides, and piece together what has happened there over the years." Tom Giles, Controller of Current Affairs for ITV, who commissioned the documentary, says: "We wanted to produce an investigation into this hugely controversial issue that looks beyond the 'culture wars' rhetoric of much of the public discourse. This documentary will hear from those at the centre of the service - the patients, their families and the clinicians involved - to place the story in its full context, unfolding one of the major medical stories of our time."

The Clinic is part of ITV's BAFTA-winning Exposure current affairs strand.


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