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Ten aspiring interior designers on the cusp of turning professional are taking part in the biggest design challenge of their lives. Arriving at a design studio in London, they meet each other for the first time, before being welcomed by Series Host Alan Carr.

Former Editor in Chief of Elle Decoration magazine Michelle Ogundehin awaits them. Highly regarded in the design industry, Michelle is hard to impress and someone all the designers look up to. They are competing to win an extraordinary prize of a commercial contract with one of the UK’s top boutique hotels in the Lake District. It’s a life-changing opportunity for one of these ten designers.

Every week Michelle sets the designers a different commercial design challenge and will then scrutinize their designs alongside some big-name industry specialists. Episode one will see Michelle joined by renowned interior designer and guest judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Lover of impactful design and bold concepts, Laurence is not backwards in coming forward on what he thinks makes great design.

Some weeks working in teams and some weeks as individuals, every week Series Judge Michelle will ultimately decide what constitutes a winning design, but also pass judgement on the weakest approaches. Alongside the guest judge she will decide which designer is eliminated, ending their dreams of making a name for themselves in the ferociously competitive design world.

Peter, 33, lives in Cheshire and is a former Doctor. He describes his style as contemporary classic.

Siobhan, 42, lives in West Yorkshire and is an NHS Worker. She describes her style as glamourous, joyful maximalism.

Paul, 32, lives in Belfast and is a retail manager. He describes his style as eramatic, luxe and polished.

Mona, 38, lives in Brixton and is a film set designer. She describes her style as eclectic Bauhaus.

Jon, 45, lives in Worthing and is a Retail Executive. He describes his style as bold, engaging and colourful.

Barbara, 34, lives in Brighton and is a former Visual Merchandiser. She describes her style as playful minimalism.

Charlotte, 28, lives in London and is a Textile Designer. She describes her style as bespoke-ly curated.

Lynsey, 36, lives in West Yorkshire and is an architect. She describes her style as original and creative.

Micaela, 33, lives in South-East London is an upholsterer. She describes her style as mature vintage.

Amy, 43, lives in Leeds and is a Mother of three. She describes her style as bold and full of joy.

Interior Design Masters begins Tuesday at 8pm on BBC Two.


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