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David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed will be back for a third installment of Intelligence - in the form of a feature-length special.

Created and written by Nick Mohammed, Intelligence is a workplace comedy set in the UK’s GCHQ — a kind of weedier, geekier version of MI5, where they tackle international and domestic Cyber Crime from a desktop.

When an arrogant, maverick NSA agent Jerry (David Schwimmer) comes over from the U.S. to join the team, he enlists an inept and tactless computer analyst Joseph (Nick Mohammed) in a power grab that threatens to disrupt the team’s ability to combat cyber terrorism.

Nick Mohammed previously told The Gaby Roslin Podcast: "It's possibly a secret but I think we're all hoping that that we get to do some more this year. It ended on the biggest cliffhanger did Season 2, so I think we can't just end on that. But it might be something a little different to what people are expecting, that's all I'll say."

Intelligence is available on Sky on demand and streaming service NOW. More details will be revealed in due course.


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