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ITV have acquired Australian comedy series In Limbo from Newen Connect for its streaming service ITVX.

Earlier this year ITV announced the acquisition of The Fisk, another Autralian comedy. This supernatural comedy drama is centred around a man who commits suicide and returns as a ghost to right wrongs with the help of one of his best friends.

The six-part series stars Ryan Corr (Game of Thrones), Bob Morley (Love Me) and Emma Harvie (Frayed) in the three main roles. It explores friendship, grief and mental health by the following the story of Nate, a guy with a good job and stable family, who commits suicide leaving his friend Charlie struck by grief.

Nate returns the next day as a ghost, leaving Charlie shocked. Nate wants Charlie's help to right some wrongs in his life before he feels able to cross to the afterlife. The pair then embark on various adventures to fix these issues.

Phil Sequeira, part of the distribution team, said: "It seamlessly blends Aussie humour with moments of high poignancy to provide a fresh take on the subject of male suicide and mental health, something we rarely see on TV, but which is becoming increasingly prevalent."

More details will be announced in due course.


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