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PREVIEW: Can I Improve My Memory?, Channel 4

Sandi Toksvig hosts this brand-new series in which five celebrities enter a month-long competition designed to supercharge their memories.

Each week, the celebs must learn hundreds of facts about subjects they previously knew nothing about and face a fiendish quick-fire round.

The celebrities are coached in memory techniques by memory grandmasters, with astonishing results. Quizzed by Sandi, the celebrities' memories are then put on the spot in a rigorous quiz. Across four knockout episodes, the memory challenges get harder as the group is whittled down to just one celebrity, who is crowned champion by Sandi.

In this first episode, the celebrities must each master a general knowledge topic. Boxing champion Chris Eubank is tasked with memorising hundreds of facts about Jurassic dinosaurs. Strictly Come Dancing legend Len Goodman is given 90s American Hip Hop. Love Island winner Amber Gill is assigned British birds. Naked Attraction presenter Anna Richardson is tasked with the solar system, and actor Nina Wadia must memorise the human skeleton.

All episodes will be available to stream or downloaded for free, on All 4, from 15 July following the transmission of this episode.


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