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I Can See Your Voice will see two players aiming to win a cash prize by guessing who can and can’t sing from a group of mystery singers standing before them. But there’s a catch… can they predict who has the voice of an angel or who will leave them covering their ears in horror all without ever hearing them sing a note?

With £10,000 on the line, the players will attempt to weed out the bad singers, based on a series of clues, interrogation, and lip sync performances. In the end, the last mystery singer standing will reveal if they are a good or a bad singer in a duet with a weekly Guest Music Star resulting in either a magical musical moment or a comedy collaboration!

I Can See Your Voice begins Saturday 10th April at 7:20pm on BBC One.


What is I Can See Your Voice?

The format of I Can See Your Voice, it’s very simple really, you’ve got good singers and bad singers, but we don’t know who is good or who is bad. You’ve got to get rid of the bad singers throughout the rounds and be left with just one good singer to win £10,000. And each round is played out differently, the first round is the profile round, where you just look at someone and take a total guess, the second round is the lip sync challenge, where you get a bit more about how they’re holding the mic, how they’re carrying themselves.

We have a panel of celebrity investigators who are experts, I say experts, we have Jimmy Carr! Then the next round we see a VT about the singer, and then finally they get grilled by the contestants, there are only two singers left at the end and they have to answer quick fire questions, and we don’t know if they are good or bad singers.

Then at the end, the last singer duets with our guest popstar and hopefully they are a good singer which means the contestants win £10,000!

Have there been any surprises so far?

I don’t know who the bad singers or who the good singers are, and I like it that way because otherwise I think I’d be the type of person to be giving the contestants a wink - so I genuinely don’t know. And I think for me It’s always a surprise at the end, and although I have my own opinions, I don’t share those with the guys as I’m not there for that, I’m there to host the show. That is the job of the celebrity investigators, they are there to help the contestants with any little nuggets they have spotted.

So, on that final round, when the singer sings, whether they are good or bad. I always think the other way around! I always think a bad singer is going to be good, and a good singer is going to be bad. So, every show is a surprise for me.

Talk us through the guest panel investigators.

We’ve had a nice mixture of popstars join as guest panel investigators, all different genres. We’ve had Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs, we’ve had Louise Redknapp, and Alexandra Burke, she was really good. And for me, this is because this was my era, Heather Small from M People. I was taken back to the 90s, she looks amazing, that was a highlight for me actually. We’ve had Ronan Keating and Danny Jones, a fellow Boltonian!

What was it that made you want to be a host on the show?

When I heard the format, and watched the American pilot, I instantly knew I had a bit of free rein. The reason I loved Take Me Out was because I had that element, there is the script but after that you can have fun with it, and that’s what I can do with this show. There is a lot of singing and dancing all non-scripted, much to the producer’s disapproval but I go with it!

What can audiences expect from watching at home?

The audience can expect a lot of play-along ability. When I am playing along as well, I’m thinking "They have got to have this wrong, it must be the other way around!" There's tonnes of that. You become really invested in the show, and when you hear a good singer, and it’s someone you wouldn’t in a million years put as a good singer, they are so good that when the show airs, I think it will be trending!


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