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I Can See Your Voice will see two players aiming to win a cash prize by guessing who can and can’t sing from a group of mystery singers standing before them. But there’s a catch… can they predict who has the voice of an angel or who will leave them covering their ears in horror all without ever hearing them sing a note?

With £10,000 on the line, the players will attempt to weed out the bad singers, based on a series of clues, interrogation, and lip sync performances. In the end, the last mystery singer standing will reveal if they are a good or a bad singer in a duet with a weekly Guest Music Star resulting in either a magical musical moment or a comedy collaboration!

I Can See Your Voice begins Saturday 10th April at 7:20pm on BBC One.


Can you give us a brief overview of the show?

I guess the easiest way to explain I Can See Your Voice is that it is the opposite of The Voice. Instead of not being able to see the singer and you can just hear their voice. This is, we can see the singer, and we can’t hear their voice. It turns out their format makes a lot more sense - this is crazy!

Have you had any favourite moments so far?

There was a moment where Alison Hammond got it right, that was a pretty special day for everyone. She’s not the best at guessing! My favourite part of the show is the lip sync, if the voice doesn’t match the face, you can get quite good at spotting when someone’s voice is not good, unless they are operatic - in which case all bets are off!

Have you learnt anything new about your fellow panellists?

I mean they’re fun, we get on brilliantly! We can’t have been the first pick can we? Surely not?

What is special about this series?

South Korean formats are doing amazing on TV at the moment. There are six big moments in every episode, it’s a joy to do as there is always something happening.

What made you want to do the show?

I thought it would be a lot of fun, I’ve known Paddy for years and I thought it would be a fun little crew. It feels like a fun, light, family show which is exactly what we need after the year we’ve had.

What do you think viewers at home will enjoy?

I think they’ll like it when the good singers can actually sing, it’s a great moment and they sing and it fills the room, and it’s gorgeous. But the best moment is when someone looks fantastic and gets up there and they’ve got nothing, no voice whatsoever, just a horrendous noise. They bring the confidence and the performance, they just can’t sing, it’s glorious!

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