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Hobby Man, a brand new four-part series will follow Alex Brooker as he takes a crash course in British pastimes, accompanied by a raft of famous faces including Joe Wilkinson, Scarlett Moffatt, Joe Thomas and Andi Oliver.

Each hour-long episode will see Alex and his pal try their hand at three hobbies, from popular British pastimes to what may seem slightly more obscure pursuits – though in fact everything they explore will be something viewers can take up quite readily themselves – even gliding!

Together they will bring viewers a potted history on each activity, covering everything from the origins and cost of the hobby to what you need to get started and the fascinating people you’re likely to meet along the way.

Joining up with social gatherings, clubs and shows, as well as meeting passionate advocates for a variety of hobbies across the country, Alex will leave no stone unturned in his quest to find something to finally get him off the sofa.

Alex Brooker: “I’ve realised that I’m now in my late 30s and still only really like the same things as I did when I was 12 – basically Football and Ghostbusters. And while most people used lockdown to find new hobbies or carry on their existing ones, I mainly watched children’s TV to keep my kids happy so I’m delighted Channel 4 have made me their Hobby Man!..

"It’s been amazing travelling around Britain with our brilliant guests and getting out my comfort zone trying new hobbies...

"From learning to knit, making my own beer and getting panicked 3000ft in the air in a glider – it’s been some experience! I hope the audience enjoy it as much as I have.”

Clemency Green, Commissioning Editor for Features and Daytime at Channel 4: “There are so many weird and wonderful things that us Brits do in our spare time, and we couldn’t wait to put the brilliant Alex Brooker through his paces. We’re delighted that he’s agreed to let us share in his undoubtedly unique quest to find a new hobby.”

John Quinn, Executive Producer for North One: “It’s a win-win – watching Alex and his companion each week getting stuck into some of the huge range of new hobbies on offer was always going to be highly entertaining, funny and, no doubt occasionally, less than successful. But if people do like the look of what they see, there will be lots of practical information on how they can have a go themselves.”

Melanie Darlaston, Executive Producer for Motion Content Group: “This promises to be a highly entertaining series that will have people across the country signing up to try something a little bit different.”

Hobby Man was commissioned by Clemency Green, Senior Commissioning Editor for Features and Daytime at Channel 4.


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