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Joining Herbert are regulars Dom Coleman (Upstart Crow) as the irrepressible, unpredictable Jonny Wallop and Lucy Pearman (Mister Winner) as Bobby Kindle, Herbert's wife, who forever supports him as he tries to juggle real-world responsibilities: work, family, finances, and being a good dad.

Expect to see a mix of impromptu music videos and talking household objects as Herbert navigates his way through everyday life only to be constantly interrupted by his quirky imagination.

Speaking about the commission of the first series in 2019, Spencer Jones says: "To be given a full series for the BBC is one of my ultimate dreams come true. I was so chuffed to get it. However, that feeling has now slowly faded away and I’m absolutely bricking it. But I’m going to use the fear to push me to make this the best thing it can be. I’ve got a brilliant team of highly skilled people around me, so if Clunkerdunk ain't 'the nuts', then I can safely say it is completely my fault. How terrifying.”

The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk is a Tiger Aspect production written and created by Spencer Jones.

This was originally reported by British Comedy Guide. Read their article here.

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