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As a summer of football approaches Harry is set to visit Walford, delighting the many West Ham fans of Albert Square.

A true East Ender and football royalty will be paying E20 a visit as Harry Redknapp will make a special appearance in an episode over summer, coinciding with the long-awaited European Championship.

On his trip to Albert Square, Harry says: “It’s no secret that I’ve wanted to be in EastEnders, so I’m over the moon to be making a special cameo this summer. With a nod to the Euros, it’s a lovely fit and as a proper East Londoner it’s been so much fun. Sandra’s a huge fan, she watches it every day so it’s a real special moment for the whole family!”

Jon Sen, Executive Producer, EastEnders adds: “What better way to mark a special summer for football fans by having none other than West Ham legend Harry Redknapp pay a visit to Walford. He’s synonymous with London’s East End and we were delighted to hear he’s a fan of the show too. We can’t wait for audiences to see what brings Harry to Albert Square.”

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