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ITVX announces the cast for its upcoming new 6 x 30 comedy G’wed which will drop on the streamer in early 2024.

Set in Liverpool and filmed entirely on location, the series will feature an exciting cast of fresh, young local talent alongside established actors.

The series firmly uses Liverpool’s distinctive voice to delve into working class culture and offer up an uplifting, heart-warming and hilarious portrayal of teenagers today and how they view the world.

The series first introduces us to Reece, played by Dylan Thomas- Smith, a cheeky quick-witted lad whose final warning from headmaster Mr Meacher played by Louis Emerick pushes him into mentoring a new kid - the resilient, self-deprecating Southerner Christopher played by Jake Kenny-Byrne (Endeavour).

Reece’s best mates are the loveable, sincere and often unfiltered Connor played by Max Ainsworth, soft-hearted sheep in wolf’s clothing Ted played by Dominic Murphy, and the easily excitable, fun-loving and loyal Mo played by Zak Douglas (Ridley/After Life).

Aimee, played by Amber Harrison is emotionally mature and ferociously determined to be the first person from Merseyside to win an Oscar since Glenda Jackson in 1973.

Aimee’s best mate is Mia-Louise played by Gemma Barraclough whose extreme confidence brings her respect and popularity. Together they make quite the formidable pair, ready to bring you down a peg or two. Anyone at the school could be their next target, including the well-meaning but mentally drained teacher Mr Dunn, played by Philip Shaun McGuinness (The Responder).

Christopher is the Grandson of Reece’s neighbour Pat played by Jemma Churchill (Alma’s Not Normal) and Liverpool is worlds apart from the life he was previously used to, however Reece offers to help him navigate his new environment and unbeknownst to Reece, Christopher begins to help Reece realise his full potential.

Leanne Best (Cold Feet, Ted Lasso) plays Reece’s Mum Jo and Sunetra Sarker (Casualty, Brookside) plays Mo’s Mum, Amal. The series is produced by Golden Path Productions Ltd and written by Liverpool native Danny Kenny. The Executive Producer is Marios Stylianides.

ITV’s Head of Comedy, Nana Hughes said: “The G’wed cast will make you laugh and at times squirm. This new comedy features such talented young actors and we cannot wait to share it''.

Marios Stylianides, founder of Golden Path Productions Ltd said: “I’m so proud of the cast that we have assembled. It was important that they offered an accurate representation of working class life in Liverpool, and through a combination of who they are as people and their immense talent they 100% delivered...

"It can be difficult to unearth one amazing new teenage actor but guided by casting director Harry Gilbert, we think we’ve managed to find 7 in the main cast and many more throughout the show”.

Danny Kenny, writer of G’wed said: “This young cast had a lot of potential that was quickly fulfilled throughout filming, I can’t wait for everyone to see how well they have brought these characters to life”.

G'wed will air on ITVX in 2024.


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