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In 2011, regional museums and auction houses across Britain are hit by a bizarre crime spree.

Despite holding millions of pounds worth of precious artefacts, only one item has been targeted during each robbery: rhino horn. As this strange crime wave sweeps through Europe and beyond, rhino numbers are shrinking as their horns become more valuable than gold in the dark, illegal, world of animal poaching and trafficking.

This documentary unpicks the story behind why the Rhino is facing extinction and the race to catch the people responsible - before it’s too late.

The Great Rhino Robbery (w/t) is produced by the BBC Studios Documentary Unit in association with Sky Studios and is executive produced by Will Lorimer. Series Director is Jesse Vile and Series Producer is Bernadette Ross. Anoop Pandhal and Joanna Boateng serve as producers.

The Great Rhino Robbery (w/t, 3x60), Sky Documentaries and NOW, Summer 2023.

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