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Gino, Gordon & Fred: Viva Espana! | Preview (ITV1)

The wait is over! The three amigos are heading back on the road together in search of a brand-new adventure taking in the sights and sumptuous delights of sunny Spain.

The award-winning series will return to ITV1 on Sunday 3rd September with the boys back behind the wheel of their beloved RV for an epic odyssey across Andalusia and Galicia.

The trio have already shared some incredible adventures, spectacular food and plenty of pranks after road-tripping across France, Italy, Scotland, Morocco, the US, Lapland and Greece - this time they will be let loose in Spain in search of the best seafood, wine and tapas on offer.

Gordon, Gino and Fred will once again be battling it out for supremacy in everything from driving to cooking and jamón tasting to flamenco dancing in some of their most extreme high-adrenaline activities yet.

Bringing their very own brand of bromance and bickering in equal measure, expect more stunning locations, high-octane surprises and - above all - a determination to have the time of their lives in what looks set to be their most outrageous road trip yet.

Gino, Gordon & Fred: Viva Espana! airs Sunday 3rd September on ITV1.


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