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After Gino led them to the deserts of Morocco on last year’s mis-adventure, Gordon is determined that they celebrate the season properly this time, so he has arranged a trip to the ultimate winter wonderland destination and the official home of Santa.

This year the boys and their trusty RV will be in Lapland to experience a treasure trove of festive fare and meet Father Christmas in person. Standby for a unique Christmas cracker! Gino has a letter he wants to hand deliver to Santa from his daughter Mia, Fred is keen to witness the once-in-a-lifetime wonder of the Northern Lights and Gordon is eager that they all encounter the culinary delights of the country and chow down on some reindeer meat. He knows it tastes delicious and is one of the healthiest foods you can put on your plate.

Served with buttery mashed potatoes, reindeer is eaten throughout the country in all seasons. But the boys won’t just be eating Rudolph, they’ll be having a not so traditional Christmas feast with the Sami people, the only indigenous people within the EU who have been herding reindeer for centuries. And helping with the herding will enable the boys to better understand how these majestic and mythical Christmas creatures make such good meat! As the three foodie friends seek out the best the country has to offer their expert palettes, they’ll face plenty of off menu distractions.


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