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UKTV announces that Billy Connolly will front a brand-new series for the nation's favourite comedy channel Gold. Billy Connolly Does... (5x60') will see the legendary comic take a reflective look back at 50 years of stand up, and will provide an unrivalled glimpse into his life.

Billy Connolly said: "I'm really looking forward to sharing a few of my favourite moments from over the years ... it's been brilliant, and I hope you'll come along for the ride!"

With exclusive access to one of Britain's greatest and most influential comedians, Billy Connolly Does... will see Billy take a trip down memory lane as he gets to riff on his old sets from the past 50 years. He'll also reflect back on how his views have (and haven't) changed on a variety of topics, since he put the banjo down and started telling his shaggy dog stories.

Each episode will cover a particular topic, whether that's work, sex, travel, childhood and parenthood or love and marriage and will showcase classic and hidden treasures of Billy's stand up routines. The series, which is shot in and around his Florida home, will provide an intimate guide to Billy's relationship with his material, as well as offering insights into his life.

UKTV's Gerald Casey added: "We're thrilled to welcome the legendary Billy Connolly to Gold. Moonshine Features have secured incredible access for this series and we can't wait to hear all of the hilarious and, at times, ridiculous life lessons from one of the all-time greats."


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