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The 11-part series made by Hungry Bear Media and MGM Alternative UK will see a new generation of superhuman Gladiators compete against a brave set of contenders in the ultimate test of speed and strength.

They will take part in a series of brand new games alongside classic challenges including fan-favourites DUEL, HANG TOUGH and THE ELIMINATOR. Meet the Gladiators with their bios below.

Father and son duo Bradley and Barney Walsh will bring their charm, wit and on-screen chemistry to the Gladiators arena as they host the much anticipated, iconic sports entertainment show when it returns to TV, on its new home on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Kate Phillips, Director of Unscripted at the BBC, says: “Gladiators is back and a whole new generation of viewers can now look forward to watching a Saturday night spectacle like no other. Will the contenders have the will and the skill to succeed against our mighty new Gladiators? You’ll have to tune in to find out!”



Small, explosive and dangerous, just like Dynamite, 20 year old, Emily Steel, is the youngest Gladiator in the current line-up. With a background in swimming competing at a national level until she was 15 years old, she’s now a full-time elite CrossFit athlete, also juggling second year studies full time at university in sport and exercise science. Recently competing internationally at one of the largest fitness festivals in the world and becoming an under 23’s weightlifting British record holder.


An unstoppable force, she describes herself as a 'grafter' and trains 16-19 hours per week! She has competed in 5 British Weightlifting Championships events and numerous CrossFit championships all over the world and has simultaneously been Scottish champion in both sports. Sabre runs her own gym in Dundee, hoping to inspire future generations to reach their full fitness potential.


He started his career playing rugby under 16s and moved onto the Premiership and then England 7s team. He captained English Rugby teams for 16's, 18's and 20's.

He was scouted to go to NFL for his skillset, making him the first British rugby player to transfer over to the NFL. Signed for Atlanta Falcons and then became the first international player to Captain an NFL team. He trains hard wanting to be the best and has a super strong competitive nature.


Former firefighter turned bodybuilder Jamie Christian Johal has earned the name Giant. Standing at 6ft 5inches he made history by becoming one of the all-time tallest bodybuilders. Now he’s bringing that power into the Gladiators arena. He may look like a big, friendly giant, but don't be fooled, he won't be holding back when it comes to the games.


Blazing into the Gladiators stadium like a Flash is Montell Douglas. She’s fierce and will burn through the arena destroying anyone who gets in her way, earning her the name Fire. Former Team GB Sprinter and Olympic Bobsledder, she held the British woman's record for fastest 100m sprint at 11.05 seconds, smashing the previous record which had stood unbeaten for 27 years.


6ft Bodybuilder, Livi Sheldon is striking and indestructible earning her the name, Diamond. After graduating with a degree in Sports Science, she took up bodybuilding, becoming a British Finalist ‘England Toned Figure’. Her passion for sports began at age 6, when she played football for a boys football team. She eventually moved over to a girls' team, where she became captain for many years, and went on to play for Worcester City Ladies team.


The former Championship bronze medal winning long and triple jumper, and silver medal winning powerlifter, loved the ‘showmanship’ of competing. After retiring from international competitions, he continued performing to a huge audience becoming highly successful fitness influencer and professional YouTuber - amassing over 355 million views.


Team GB sprinter, Harry Aikines Aryeetey is lightning fast and a ball of energy earning him the name Nitro. Commonwealth and World gold medallist sprinter, Harry has competed at the highest level in the UK since his youth. After becoming the first athlete to win gold medals at both 100 and 200 metres at the World Youth Championships, he won 2005 BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year age 17.


Representing Team GB, she is a winner of 3 Gold and 2 Silver Commonwealth Powerlifting medals, the five time All England Powerlifting Champion and five time British Powerlifting Champion. She’s represented Great Britain at the World and European Championships, and holds the Guinness World Record for the “Most Bodyweight Squats in a minute”…. As well as being an Chartered Accountant!


Like a Comet, Ella-Mae Rayner is a sight to behold! A former elite gymnast, she made the move into semi-professional in Diving before starting her degree in Sport Science. At university she successfully coached and competed in University Cheerleading Championships. But it wasn’t until she suffered a career changing ankle injury, that she found her love for the gym.


Professional Exeter Chiefs Rugby Player, Jodie Ounsley, is named ‘Fury’ thanks to her power and passion for competition. A former England Women’s Rugby Seven’s player, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu British Champion and five times World Coal Carrying champion, she won the title of Deaf Sports Personality of The Year in 2020.


UK CrossFit star, Zack George, won the title of the UK’s Fittest Man in 2020, and also ranked number 26 out of a whopping 126,461 on the global CrossFit leader board! His unbreakable strength has earned him the name ‘Steel’. Zack was motivated to help people with their fitness after undertaking his own personal fitness journey as a teenager.


For the past 15 years, Quang Luong has dedicated his life to fitness, spending each day perfecting the art of bodybuilding. But it’s his precision and silent but fast reactions, that led to the name Viper. As well as bodybuilding, he boxes daily and prides himself on his speed.


Jade Packer is a quick, electrifying, unstoppable force, earning her the name Electro. She’s the perfect mix of strength, speed and skill. Now a sports model, fitness coach and hybrid athlete she started her journey as a sprinter. Her speed and abilities led to her being ranked amongst the Top 10 Fastest Runners in the UK aged 12 for 150m and she went onto to race for titles at various championships over the 100m and 200m.


At a towering 6ft 6in Bodybuilder Matty Campbell is so massive and strong, he’s a machine, leading to his name Bionic. As a child he used to sprint and play football, reaching Academy Level. He had hoped to become a Pro until he was involved in a car crash, it was his rehabilitation that led him to finding the gym.


Toby Olubi is so terrifyingly fast, unbelievably strong and frighteningly unstoppable, he lives up to his name Phantom. Toby was part of the Team GB Bobsleigh team and competed in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. In the same season, he and his team broke the world record for the fastest ever bobsleigh at 97 mph. They also made history by bringing home Great Britain's first-ever gold medal in the 2018 Whistler World Cup.


Mark Clattenburg is one of England’s most decorated referees. He became a Premier League referee in 2004 before becoming a FIFA-listed referee in 2006 – meaning he could take charge of international fixtures.

Sonia Mkoloma is a former English international netball player and made her debut in 1999. During her career Sonia competed at five Netball World Cups and three Commonwealth Games – making an incredible 123 international test appearances.

Lee is a fitness professional, firefighter and athlete. Following University, he moved to London where he joined the fire service and became a full time firefighter. After joining the fire service Lee began competing in firefighter fitness competitions and in August 2017 competed in the World Police and Firefighter Games in Los Angeles amongst 10,000 athletes.

Gladiators Saturday 13th January at 5:50pm on BBC One and iPlayer.


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