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The question of who is or can be a woman lies at the heart of one of the most polarised issues of our times.

Amidst the noise and fear on both sides there is a lack of much needed meaningful dialogue and often a short supply of empathy and understanding. This film is looking for a way forward, an opportunity to listen and the possibility of finding common ground.

The concept of gender remains for some an open and shut case of biological sex. It can't be changed. But for others gender is an identity, which can be and should be determined by an individual. A man can become a woman and vice versa.

As politicians and legislation struggle to deal with the consequences of this emotive issue on society, this film has unique access to philosopher and writer Kathleen Stock who was hounded out of her university job over her view on gender identification and now campaigns from a gender critical viewpoint.

With voice from the transgender perspective stating their own position the film will ask 'what is a woman?' to those at the heart of the issue.

More details will be announced in due course.


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