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The popular noughties gameshow - originally hosted by Ant & Dec - is set to return with the BBC recently recording a pilot with Vernon Kay and Alison Hammond.

This pilot of the classic gameshow Friends Like These will see real life friends Alison Hammond and Vernon Kay keeping the peace as two teams of pals face-off in a series of head-to-head studio challenges.

The teams must decide amongst themselves who will be best placed to take on each challenge, depending on their strengths – it’s all about the perfect pick!

The team who win the most challenges will get the chance to play for a cash prize. This is the ultimate game to test friendship.

A source told The Sun in November: "The BBC are filming a pilot for Friends Like These with Vernon and Alison in the New Year. Everyone involved in the reworking on the show is so excited to get started. They think they can make a real success of it.

Friends Like These was a fun, family favourite TV show and it will easily slide back into the schedules... Vernon and Alison are good pals and have great chemistry off screen. So once the cameras are rolling those behind the reboot think it could be magical."

The pilot recorded on Thursday 3rd March at Dock10 Studios in Manchester.

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