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Channel 4 announce Tony Robinson’s Forgotten War Stories, a six-part series to air later this year.

In the series, Tony Robinson explores some key forgotten conflicts: The Suez Crisis, The Bosnian War, The Gulf War, The Korean War, The Malayan Emergency and The Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya. Each episode is guided by historians, experts and eyewitnesses from around the world who relay their experiences during the wars.

Tony Robinson commented: “Our understanding of Britain’s place in the world has been totally distorted by the amnesia we’ve undergone with regard to the wars our country has fought in recent times. Ask anyone under 35 what they know about Malaya, Kenya or Korea and you’re almost certain to receive a blank face. These are hidden, sometimes censored stories which I’ve wanted to tell for decades, and I’m delighted Channel 4 has given me the opportunity to do so.”

Polly Scates, Acquisitions Manager, Channel 4 said: “We were immediately drawn to the ‘forgotten’ element of the series and the opportunity to shine a light on a lesser known part of British history. We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Tony Robinson and Woodcut to bring these important but often unheard stories to life.”

Kate Beal, CEO, Woodcut Media said: “It’s a delight to be working with Tony Robinson again. His passion and knowledge for history, as well as on-screen presence bring each episode to life. Forgotten War Stories also drives to the heart of those real-life experiences and seldom told accounts from individuals caught up in these conflicts who share their recollections, as such we hope this series will give a voice to many otherwise unheard.”

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