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PREVIEW: First Dates Hotel (S6E3)

The First Dates Hotel in southern Italy welcomes more single people through the door.

Retired dock worker Albert has been single for 24 years. He brought up his two daughters alone, and they're now keen to see their dad with a partner. Albert meets 70-year-old thrill-seeking Carol, who's determined to make the most of the time left to her by travelling the world. 31-year-old airline worker Ollie, from Loughborough, meets 31-year-old cancer nurse Debs.

23-year-old Hattie is sipping a cocktail poolside. As a barmaid she's heard all the worst chat-up lines but has never had a real relationship. Her date is self-professed mummy's boy, Lawrence. Known to his friends as 'Big L', Lawrence's energy is the perfect match to Hattie's and their date kicks off with a bang.

First Dates Hotel continues Wednesdays at 9pm on Channel 4.


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