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With a familiar welcome from the First Dates maître d' Fred Sirieix, the brand-new Manchester restaurant opens its doors to a raft of tender teens.

In the third episode, product design student Henry has previously struggled to talk to girls, while the last time 16-year-old Pia had any interaction with boys was in primary school.

Eager to get the beat going on his love life is 19-year-old musician Daniel. Having made some bad decisions in his younger years, he wants to start afresh with a down-to-earth girl by his side before his career 'takes off'. Family-oriented Yrena looks like the answer to Daniel's prayers.

Since his rise to TikTok fame, 17-year-old Jack has been no stranger to attention from girls. But he's putting all that behind him to find someone to connect with in real-life and introduce to his adoring mum. Enter Jemma from Essex, a young woman who's a lot more than meets the eye.

While Dylan breeds and shows chickens, his love-life is yet to take flight. Can blue-eyed Bolton boy Jack be the one to change all that?


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