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First Dates returns, with the new series launching in the brand-new Manchester restaurant. In this romantic new setting, maître d' Fred and some new helpers welcome an array of single people who hope to be served the love of their lives.

First into the new restaurant is 23-year-old Tory Jessie, a parliamentary assistant, who's not conservative about talking sex and politics on a date but worries that this scares guys off. Taking her on is 25-year-old journalist Josh, who has been sworn at on dates for his strong opinions. They bond over their shared opinions on pointless Twitter beefs but will they leave the restaurant without a deal?

Self-confessed former ladies' man Winston, a 69-year-old ex-roadie who's had Metallica round to his Manchester home, wants someone to settle down with after surviving prostate cancer. He pulls out all the stops to impress 60-year-old glamorous grandma Donna.

Kristina, a 37-year-old Lithuanian spa therapist, went for the wrong men when she moved to the UK, and is now looking for an older guy who's ready to start a family with her. Her date with cheery 43-year-old car salesman Billy is filled with laughter, but is he her idea of the perfect English gentleman?

Alan, who's 32 and works in a greasy spoon, has exhausted Rotherham's gay scene, and wants to settle down with someone who knows nothing of his promiscuous past. His match, 36-year-old casino manager Stephen, is also from Rotherham, and instantly recognises Alan.

First Dates begins Tuesday 19th January at 10pm on Channel 4.


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