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Last episode in the series.

First into the new First Dates Manchester restaurant in this episode is Nathaniel, a 20-year-old student at university in Derby. Despite his famous cousin Big Narstie inviting him to all the best parties, Nathaniel has little luck with the ladies - his 'DMs are dry'. Nathaniel's date is with 21-year-old office manager Victoria. Strong and confident on social media, Victoria describes herself as 'a mess' when it comes to dating and is looking for someone who likes her for who she really is.

Jean is a former pin-up girl from another era. The 83-year-old seeks a man who can keep up with her hectic lifestyle and love of long walks. Fellow 83-year-old John works out with a personal trainer every week. But will Jean prove too hot for him to handle?

30-year-old housekeeper Luke struggles to meet people in the small town in Devon where he lives, but dreams of finding an 'upbeat, fun Latino', to go dancing with. Luke's date is 25-year-old David from Portugal. David and Luke bond over their matching colour-coordinated outfits.

Hoping to find the man of her dreams is 35-year-old midwife Kat, who longs to experience motherhood for herself. Her job means she meets all sorts of great men; but, as expectant dads, they're all taken. Kat's date is 38-year-old former strongman Matt, whose dream is to build a family of his own. They hit it off from the start. But Kat has a big reveal to share, that she's committed to being a surrogate mum for a gay couple. Will Matt be the one to embrace her plans?

First Dates continues Tuesdays at 10pm on Channel 4.


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