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Dani Harmer is back as impulsive heroine Tracy Beaker, pictured alongside curly-haired daughter Jess in the first official character image from My Mum Tracy Beaker.

Filming has begun on the BBC series, which airs next year, opening a new chapter in Tracy’s life - being the best, and sometimes most embarrassing, mum in the world.

Told from the perspective of 11 year-old Jess, played by talented newcomer Emma Davies, it follows the pair as they try to scrape by financially, but with a close and loving bond that Tracy missed out on with her own mum.

Emma Davies says: “I'm really enjoying playing Jess Beaker, she's such a fun character to play. It was so awesome to start work on the show as me and my brother have watched Tracy Beaker for as long as I can remember, we are huge fans! Filming so far has been fantastic, everyone is really nice and friendly and I'm having the best time."

Dani Harmer says: “Words can’t describe how excited I am to bring Tracy back! I’m just like all the fans, and have been desperate to find out what Tracy has been up to and where her next journey is going to take her. It’s been so lovely to work with some familiar faces too. The script is brilliant and I think the audience is going to love where the story goes.

“Filming during 2020 has been interesting for sure, but it’s been amazing to watch all the talented cast and crew adapt and be very creative with getting the job done. As an industry we can deal with anything if we put our minds to it. And we’re proving that it can be done!”

The first CBBC series, The Story Of Tracy Beaker, aired in 2002, with the last, Tracy Beaker Returns, in 2012.

All series are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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