This September, filming resumes on the Channel 4 school drama Ackley Bridge.

Channel 4 have also revealed some new cast members:

-Robyn Cara plays funny, mixed race pupil Kayla, torn between her white Mum’s family and her traditional Pakistani Dad’s family.

-Fizza, played by Yasmin Al Khudhairi is a fiercely intelligent, fist-in-the-air firebrand

-Ryan Dean takes the role of Johnny, a cocky, good looking member of the traveller community who is deeply suspicious of school, and who catches the eye of both Kayla and Fizza. 

-Marina, Kayla’s ‘mean girl’ sister, played by Carla Woodcock.

-Tahir, played by Shobhit Piasa, the smooth talking billy-liar nephew of Kaneez, whose salesman’s patter hides a family secret.

-Conor McIntyre guest stars as Johnny’s Grandad.

They join the returning cast including Sunetra Sarker, Rob James Collier, Jo Joyner, Charlie Hardwick, Tony Jayawardena, Fern Deacon, Phoebe Tuffs-Berry, Cody Ryan, Nazmeen Kauser and Zara Salim. 


This new series of Ackley will air as 10x30’ episodes, stripped across two weeks in an earlier evening slot in 2021.