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Prime Video has announced the greenlight of UK Original Fifteen-Love, a new UK scripted drama from leading UK producers World Productions - part of ITV Studios.

Fifteen-Love is an enthralling exploration of the dangerous lines where personal and professional relationships collide, set amid the glamorous cut-and-thrust world of elite tennis. The story examines themes of power, sex and ambition, within an international sporting industry worth over $2bn.

Justin Pearce was the rising star of the tennis world. Her sudden success aged 17 took her and her coach Glenn Lapthorn to the quarter finals of the French Open. But, with the world watching, Justine's wrist shattered and she crashed out.

Five years later, Justine works at the prestigious tennis academy where she once trained and has given up competing for good. When Glenn returns to lead the academy, having coached another player to Grand Slam victory, Justine struggles to cope.

Seeing Glenn achieve their shared dream pushes Justine into dangerous and dysfunctional behaviour, culminating with her allegation to the police that Glenn coerced her into a damaging psychosexual relationship, which caused the dramatic collapse of her career.

Justine's accusation sets off earthquakes in the lives of all those around her, putting reputations, careers and Justine’s own sanity on the line. As Wimbledon approaches, our key players prepare for competition; but secrets, old wounds and destructive sexual passion reach boiling point.

As the battle for the whole truth about Glenn and Justine's relationship reaches its twisted climax, Fifteen-Love shines a light on the lines between coaching and control, determination and obsession, love and abuse.

Fifteen-Love is produced in association with, and distributed internationally by, ITV Studios.


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