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Semi-final 1

Recorded: Friday 28th August

Air date: Saturday 05th September

Acts: Urban Turtles, Fayth Ifil, James & Dylan Piper, James Stott, Imen Siar, Steve Royale, SOS From The Kids, Yakub

Guest Performer(s): Diversity

Semi-final 2

Recorded: Sunday 30th August

Air date: Saturday 12th September

Acts: Souparnika Nair, Damien O'Brien, Allan Finnegan, Class Dynamix, Aaron & Jasmine, Honey & Sammy, Amanda & Miracle, The Coven

Guest Performer(s): McFly

Semi-final 3

Recorded: Friday 04th September

Air date: Saturday 19th September

Acts: Ember Trio, Myra DuBois, Sign Along With Us, Magical Bones, Dario the Dinosaur, Bhim Niroula, Sirine Jahangir, X1X Crew

Guest Performer(s): James Arthur & Sigala

Semi-final 4

Recorded: Saturday 05th September

Air date: Saturday 26th September

Acts: Jon Courtenay, Jasper Cherry, Katherine & Joe O'Malley, Kevin Quantum, Billy & Chantelle, Chineke! Junior Orchestra, Papi Flex, Belinda Davids

Guest Performer(s): Michael Ball & the cast of Hairspray

Semi-final 5

Recorded: Sunday 06th September

Air date: Saturday 03rd October

Acts: Aidan McCann, Beth Porch, Crissy Lee, Hakan Berg, Nabil Abdulrashid, Shalom Chorale, Soldiers of Swing, Wesley Williams

Guest Performer(s): Amanda Holden

Britain's Got Talent airs every Saturday on ITV.

The Live Final takes place on Saturday 10th October.


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