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Following a highly successful first outing – and the survival of eternal hell fire - the Lewis family are returning to Channel 4 for a second series in Everyone Else Burns, which will bring our favourite god-fearing Mancunians back for an inferno of family strife, marital chaos and righteous revolution.

Produced by Jax Media UK (part of Imagine Entertainment) and Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group, the second series will follow Rachel’s (Amy James-Kelly) search for a new direction, a rebellion that could radically alter the entire congregation and the return of a figure from the past who could shape the family’s future.

Jaded by the collapse of her university dreams (and 40 miserable days of ‘penance’), Rachel’s journey to independence will face new obstacles as old family secrets come to light. Meanwhile, Fiona’s (Kate O’Flynn) world will be turned on its head when she’s brought face-to-face with someone from her past that she’s desperate to forget.

Aaron (Harry Connor) will unleash his inner Moses against the ‘snake’ at the top of the Chapter in a revolutionary bid to drag The Order into the present day. Finally, David (Simon Bird), disastrously, will decide to be a ‘good Dad’. He’ll also have to deal with an unprecedented new experience: a woman who’s earnestly interested in him.

Can David & Fiona reignite the spark in their marriage? Can a 13-year-old stage an actual coup? And can Rachel preserve her independence when she is pulled into ‘marriage courtship’ and pushed to choose a future husband?

Laura Riseam, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor said: “I’m elated that the Lewis family have (so far) survived eternal damnation for long enough in order to deliver another series of the excellent Everyone Else Burns for Channel 4 viewers. I’m very grateful to the brilliant minds of Oli and Dillon and the whole team at Jax Media and Universal International Studios and we can’t wait to see what’s in store when series two hits our screens.”

Beatrice Springborn, President of Universal International Studios, says: “Everyone Else Burns is a divine comedy full of heart and wit that proves even in chaos, we can all find comedic salvation. With our partners at Jax Media and Channel 4, we can’t wait for audiences to fall in love again with the world Dillon and Oliver have so brilliantly created.”

Molly Seymour, Executive Producer for Jax Media, says: “Jax UK couldn’t be more excited to spread the word about the return of the Lewis family and their admirable attempts at being good people when everyday life continues to tempt them. Dillon and Oliver skilfully continue to build a unique world full of hilarious characters. Viewers are in for such a treat. Partnering with the teams at Universal International Studios and Channel 4 for a second time is just as thrilling as the first.”

Everyone Else Burns is written by Dillon Mapletoft and Oliver Taylor and co-produced by Jax Media (part of Imagine Entertainment) and Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group. Executive producers include Brooke Posch, Tony Hernandez and Jax Media’s Molly Seymour as well as Dillon Mapletoft and Oliver Taylor.

Filming will take place next year and transmission details will follow in due course.


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