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Emmerdale welcomed a compelling addition to its cast in tonight's episode (Thursday 8th June). Actor Eddie Osei has joined the ITV soap, bringing to life the enigmatic character of Victor, a man with a mysterious past and deep connections within the village.

In a captivating sequence, viewers witnessed Emmerdale's resident vicar Charles, portrayed by Kevin Mathurin, engage in shifty behaviour and secretive phone calls. The intrigue peaked when Charles was shown visiting a high-security prison, leading to a tense encounter with Victor.

It soon became clear that Victor is his father and has been freshly released from serving a long prison sentence. Why was he serving a lengthy sentence and what does his release mean for his son Charles and ex wife Claudette? Could Victor’s arrival jeopardise Charles’ esteemed position in the village?

Emmerdale Producer, Hannah Cheers explains: “Victor's arrival in Emmerdale turns life for the Andersons upside down. The brilliant addition of Eddie Osei as Victor has allowed us to learn more about who the Andersons are and we can't wait for the audience to watch as the drama unfolds...

"While Claudette is confronted by the husband she prayed she'd never see again, Charles has to face up to painful past traumas and he makes no secret of the fact that Victor is not welcome here. But who will win out?”

Eddie Osei says: “I feel privileged to be joining such a great show and I am honoured to be working with the fantastic cast and crew. It is very exciting for me to be playing Victor who is such an enigmatic character and who causes the Anderson family so much trouble! “

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV1.


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