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EastEnder's executive producer has revealed how filming has adapted to follow the government guidelines on social distancing.

Adaptations include real-life couples and/or households as extras, and the use of screens between the cast members. [Pictured]

Executive producer Jon Sen said: “To reflect the world outside, we use support artists from the same household.We have supporting artists who are in a house of students or a husband and wife, who can be seen walking together and can kiss in the street. For those really crucial moments where two characters kiss, we’ve invited real life partners of the actors onto the set to cheat those kinds of moments.”

He continued: “With Perspex screens, you can bring people really close together. That’s good because it gives an intimacy to the performance. We also use plate shots, where two actors look like they are sitting at the same table but they have been filmed in isolation. You put the shots together.”

EastEnders returns with new episodes from Monday 7th September on BBC One


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