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Dean Wicks is back in Walford after seven years, and he intends to stick around.

To Linda’s horror, Dean plans to make Albert Square his home again as he’s revealed as the Beales’ new business partner.

Dean’s decision to return is driven by his need to be close to the local hospital where his daughter Jade – who has cystic fibrosis - is receiving treatment and awaiting a life-saving lung transplant.

Matt Di Angelo has reprised his role as twisted Dean, who raped Linda in 2014 and was driven out of Walford after being disowned by his family in 2016. Now Linda must contend with Dean being back on the Square and protesting his innocence to anybody who will listen.

Given his reputation amongst Linda’s family, friends and neighbours, Dean’s return is set to create drama for all those involved.

EastEnders continues Mon-Thu at 7:30pm on BBC One.


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