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Whilst looking for Peter, Cindy is forced to return to Walford and it’s not long before drama unfolds... Cindy’s first scenes will air next Thursday from 7pm on BBC One, and 6am on iPlayer.

Michelle Collins, made her comeback to EastEnders reprising her role as the legendary Cindy Beale, 25 years after her character died off-screen as she was revealed as Rose Knight, George Knight’s (Colin Salmon) long lost wife.

During her previous stints in the show between 1988 and 1998, Cindy was never far away from scandal having had countless affairs during her tumultuous relationship with Ian, resulting in the attempt of his murder following their bitter custody battle.

Cindy last appeared on screen in 1998, and viewers were led to believe that she had died off-screen whilst giving birth to namesake daughter, leaving her children Steven, Lucy and Peter behind.

Speaking on her return, Michelle Collins said: “For over 25 years I’ve constantly been asked ‘are you going back’ and now finally I can say I am! It’s an honour to be asked to reprise the role of Cindy Beale, a character that has really never left me, and just like the old days, where Cindy goes, drama usually follows”

EastEnders airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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