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E4 are reportedly developing a new reality series which will see a bunch of famous faces take part in extreme wellness treatments.

Titled 'Celebrity Retreat', the series will feature eight celebrities who will each attempt some of the 'weirdest and wackiest' health treatments, which could include bee-sting acupuncture and drinking urine.

The celebrities will leave behind the yoga and morning workouts for a brave new world of extreme health and wellness therapies.

A source told The Sun: "The production is still in the early stages and nothing is off the table. There is even talk of bee-sting acupuncture — where the celebs will be stung, drinking urine and using bloodsucking leeches to stimulate the skin...

"Naturally all the procedures do have some benefits and they are casting eight open-minded stars who are prepared to go on a journey. There will be experts on hand who will be guiding the celebs throughout the experience."

The show has not yet been commissioned or announced by E4. The programme was originally revealed by The Sun.


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