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Three hopeful singles, Faith, Chad and Garrett, descend on a picturesque Austrian castle on a quest to find someone to bring home for the holidays.

In the first episode, after an inaugural Christmas feast that finds potential suiter Kevin giving a lesson in French, the language of love, to hook Faith's interest, Chad and Skyler test their chemistry on a snowy picnic. And during date two's masquerade ball, the masks may not be the only things to come off.

In episode two, as Chad, Faith, and Garrett are introduced to new - and for some, not-so-new - eligible singles, their suitors seize the opportunity to connect. Later, the party winds down as the singles grapple with the difficult decision to send someone home for good.

12 Dates Of Christmas begins Monday 13th December at 7:30pm on E4, and continues weekdays.

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